To quench a bit of your curiosity...these will take you behind the scenes of a student-shoot and give you a peek at some of the footage we got that day.

The vid-blogs only cover 5 of the 8 days (we'll be putting together a featurette for the DVD and we have to leave something new) ;-)


Day 1This would be the morning after our first day of shooting...and again, we spent the night there on-set so we could keep the equipment there.  Though we're not exactly sure what three half-asleep girls would do (should someone try to break in and pilfer stuff), we still revel in the false sense of extra, added security.

Enjoy the first of our adventures:

Day 2 - The honeymoon phase was over, and we ran into our first hurdles.

Day 3 - Caught up and kicked butt!  Triumph always comes before a fall, eh?

Day 4 - Things were going too well on day 3, haha...nothing like a smack in the face with reality.  This would probably be without doubt our lowest point.

Day 5 - Reeling from the effects, we pressed ahead and kept going.