Will it be available to purchase?
We've had plans for both a DVD and a book to be available, but as of late, we have since run into life's awesome difficulties....yeah we ran out of money.
This was done as a Senior Project, and was paid for with student loans, graduation money and some awesome donations by some amazing people. It can only go so far, so for right now, the answer is sadly no =(  
But if you'd like to donate to the project, it just might turn into a yes ;-)

Where can I get more information?
The latest updates can be found on our trusty Facebook page:  facebook.com/blueshortfilm.

Or you can find us on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/#!/BlueShortFilm

What is the ending song and where can I listen to/download it?
It's called, "Gold to the Sleeper" and is available for download here.  Though the track is free, if you would like give a donation, you can go here

It was written by Tanya Musgrave and sung by Jesse Pollom. Check out the post "Lookin' right 'n soundin' nice" for some fun times recording in Jesse's closet ;-)

Why do the VidBlogs stop at Day 5? 
Though we did shoot for 8 days, and have extensive other post-work that we took footage of, the simple answer is that we've only gotten to Day 5. That miiiight be how it'll end up being, because we're wanting to cut together a Behind-the-Scenes featurette for a DVD, and we'll put our energies towards that. (Something's gotta be a surprise, right?)

Music is also an issue. For a DVD, we'd have to get rights for all the music we use, including for the featurette, and we're not that rich. So we'll be figuring out that issue as we go. Just relish in the fun of these little vidblogs for the time being.