Watch the Film

Our first goal is to offer a story of hope and comfort to those whose lives have been affected by cancer. This film is free to watch and the song is free to download; it's our gift to you.

However, should you be moved into action and would like to contribute, feel free.

Gold to the Sleeper by TMusgrave

We've always said from the beginning that we didn't want to "make money" from this, but to pay for expenses and donate 100% of further funds to either cancer research or a patient. We paid for this through student loans, graduation money, and the generous donations from fantastic supporters, totaling about $9,000. Though we had dreams of offering it on DVD as well as compiling a companion book, money does have a way of halting things.

Above all, we appreciate the time you took to stop by and watch the film. If we could give you a hug for the experience with cancer you have most likely had, we would.

We look up to those of you who stay strong and keep the faith throughout adversity. Stay strong!

-The Filmmakers of "Blue"