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June 26, 2011

The journey continues in the fight to finish :-P  (For those who are wondering, YES, we entered into film festivals before it was finished.)  I was in Chattanooga for a weekend and knocked out a couple birds: color correction and recording vocals for the final song.

I dropped by Bryan Fowler's place to check out the looks he'd come up with for color.  He's got a pretty sweet set-up in his house:

Not only is he a killer steadicam op and a very talented 
colorist, but he's a hilarious friend and great company 
for all that time spent making the film look its best.

BLOWN away.  I was just expecting to correct the dark/blown out shots, and this guy went all out.  Not only does the color look great, but here is where we also connected to the original HD files.  So the quality is a lot better as well.  Here are a couple before/after shots:

Continuing on with the movie magic, I left Bryan's for Jesse Pollom's.  He's our vocalist for the final song, and we'd set up a time for me to meet up at his house.  I love these days! Where you're creative with what you're given (or not given).  A recording booth, for one, was something we were not given, but Jesse had a studio set up in his room, and his closet served as the recording booth.  

Lol, this is where the real magic happens; not the posh processing houses or recording studios you'd think, but in the situations where you're innovative to the point of no one knowing the difference anyway.

Jesse bravely endured my perfectionistic tweaking, and we finished with clean vocals in a new key.   With that, we shipped it all off to Marteen from Now!Media Productions, who is doing our final mix and master for the soundtrack.

That's it for now!


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