1st Screening Done and Gone

September 16, 2011

Hey guys, Kristine here.  Today was an exciting day for us.  For starters, our third musketeer, Heather, joined us all the way from TN (where she is currently going to school).  Shortly after reuniting with Heather, we got to meet Lynn Downey in person for the first time (woot woot).  She was the one who wrote the original short-story of “Blue."  Hugs, mixed with excited nerves, accompanied us as we made our way to our first screening of “Blue."  I will admit, we all had the jitters.  It is often nerve wracking to show to an audience a film that you have poured so much time and energy into.  It’s honestly like putting yourself up on the big screen; how people perceive your movie is often times how they perceive you.  And so there we were, Blu-ray quality and all.

Out of our block of shorts, Blue was the first one to show. As soon as we saw our opening image….AHHH! We giggled, we cringed, and we listened. I think the biggest thing we learned was that our film looks so different on a big screen verses on a lap top. What was once intended to be a medium shot looked like a close-up…wow, things to note for the future.  But overall, I think people liked it. Thank you Temecula for this experience.  All your hard work is greatly appreciated. 

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