Picture Lock

April 4, 2011

Woohoo for picture-lock!  This is basically when the editing is done...all the clips are sliced in the right place and there's nothing you want to change anymore.  Ya know I've heard of this from directors, that it's never really truly done.  But I'm seriously really satisfied with the cut.  Lol, we'll see if I still like it in a month, but before I get the chance to change my mind, I'm headed back in the lab to work on sound-design!  Just put the session together last night.

Lots on the agenda today:  VO recording for the mom (the wonderful Giselle Hasel), music recording with Matt Chancey and his producer from MTSU, Jesse.  Heather is working with our fearless professor, Zach, to work on the color correction, title, and VFX (Video effects).  Effects range from painting out a light in the background or punching in on a shot, then tracking it so you see what you're supposed to.  Basically all the stuff we're working on now is the stuff where, if we work on it hard and do a good job, you'll never notice it, haha.

Meh, gotta study for a test tonight, BUT, alllll tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday will be intensively spent on finishing sound before we leave early Thursday morning for Simi Valley, CA.  Wish us luck!


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