Best Picture at Broadstreet!!!

April 10, 2011

Kristine and I were just finishing up at SONScreen's first night of screenings when we got a text from our third counterpart back in TN (Heather).  Broad Street Film Fest was going on Thursday night (April 7), and we won!  This is very exciting for us, and there was much celebration, even if it is a smaller and local film festival.

It's encouraging to get positive feedback about something we've put so much into.  It may sound weird, but since we are so connected to the making of it, we've unable to detach ourselves from the flaws and see it for its true colors. It's still hard, but we are finally getting to the point where we can say, "Okay, I think we might have something good here."

Hey guys, Kristine speaking here. As Tanya was mentioning above, we are very excited to see positive feedback for our film. We are finally entering into the distribution stage of our journey with this project, and Broad Street Film Festival was our first festival to kick off our year long festival run. Tanya, Heather, and I are stoked, and eager to see how this film blossoms. Even with all this excitement, we must never forget to humbly thank the ultimate creator of this project, and that is God. Without Him, we would be nowhere. Without Him, our senior project would have ended up being about "a guy just making a sandwich" (lol...inside joke).  So, Thank you God for your inspiration and steady guidance with this film.

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