Lady Filmmakers Film Fest in Beverly Hills!

September 12, 2011

I was on my way out the door tonight when I got a call from Kristine; we'd gotten into another film-festival!  It's a more local one called The Lady Filmmakers Film Festival.  It will be held in the Writers' Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills this October, the fun part being that it overlaps with another film-festival (can't say yet which one!).

Still, Kristine might be able to make it over there to represent us while I rep the screenings at the other one. Then, when I head out to shoot a wedding that weekend (before the festivities, unfortunately), Heather and Kristine will tag-team and finish it off.  Complicated, but doable =)  

We're just trying to get this out to people who need to see it, and it's so amazing to see and meet the people touched by the film.  To hear their stories is just as rewarding as making it.