Sunscreen 'n SONScreen

February 20, 2011

We're back from Spring Break!  The first half of the semester, we've been pushing pretty hard so we can get a decent edit into SONScreen Film Festival. I think we've got something here!  It's finally starting to come together and make some sense.  After piecing it together, you see all the holes you need to patch (or the parts you need CUT....can be painful *sad face*).  But you also see how it gets stronger and stronger.

We've been working long distance with Danny Cooper, our music-extraordinaire.  He popped something out for this early Festival and we'll continue working with him in getting the score twanging heart strings where it needs to, 'n jazz like that.  It's sounding AMAZING so far though!  Reeeaallly adds to it, and helps it be a cohesive unit.

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