SONScreen Whaaaaat?? (and other updates)

March 24, 2011

We have officially been accepted into the SONScreen Film Festival, being held in Simi Valley, CA April 7-9, 2011.  Excitement! Kristine and I will be going out there for it...lots of plans to have fun :)

But really, this is more of a pre-screening in our minds.  We have much of the road to travel yet, in terms of the nitty-gritty polishing; picture-lock, color correction, sound-design, VFX, music touching-up, and recording of the final song to name a few.  So until that all happens, it'll be nice to get some feedback from these festival viewers, and listen to what people have to say as we make our final tweaks and wrap it up for some bigger festival submissions.  We've also entered it into a local festival, The Broadstreet Film Festival.  Unfortunately, that happens to be during the same weekend.  Hopefully Heather will be able to be pull that one.

In some other exciting news, the ending song has been written and Matt Chancey has agreed to sing it for us!  He has such an awesome, uber-cool raspy voice that I love, and I think it'll add nicely to that closing scene.  We're trying to get his producer from MTSU to record/mix his vocals and make it sound really legit.  Add the mastered music, and *BING* Magical :)

We are also going to be shooting our pick-up tomorrow.  A pick-up is a scene that is shot during post-production, after an edit has been put together and it becomes apparent what holes need to be filled, etc.  Sooo, Heather has painted the pieces of dry-wall to match our set (that is now inhabited, and thus unusable), and we're getting Whit back up here for a few critical moments.  Quick scene (though tricky...we'll see if it plays).

And as far as the vidblogs, lol, they're coming, don't worry.  Other things are selfishly hogging our time and we're trying our best, lol.  Until next time!


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