Festivals for Newbies: Lesson #1 - Postcards

September 16, 2011

Since being here (garnering a whole, one day of experience), we've actually learned a lot. Take for instance, the postcard. These things are golden when talking to people, especially other filmmakers; everyone has them in reach to hand out.  And we noticed that all the postcards we'd gotten yesterday were the films we made sure we saw today. Just because we saw a card and met a face. When we met a face that left their cards at the hotel...meh.

SO. Lesson learned, we're very grateful to have ours (fantastically designed by Kristopher Haughton...seriously, nearly everyone we've handed them to has commented on how good it looks.  Big ups Kris!).

However, there's always room for improvement.  For instance, we have one-sided postcards. We ran out of time and slapped our [awesome] poster-design on them, not really taking into account the other information that's slightly crucial for those picking up your card from a table. Like what it's about. Or when it's playing. Yay for double-sided postcards!

We've noticed a couple common and effective flip-sides. It's a perfect space for a short synopsis or one-liner. Plenty of space for all those laurels and bragging rights. And it's a great space to park all the social media icons/sites/addresses. The main difference we saw was how they did the screening times.

One found out the screening times and printed it right on. Nicely done and sleek, but could potentially miss out on some mass printing deals.

Another was slightly more tactical and printed a box for a label to be stuck on. As the festivals (or screening times) change, they can easily change too.

Aaaand then there's us. Burning the midnight oil.

Print double-sided.  =)

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