To-Do List

July 17, 2011

So, life is a little bit over whelming right now. I have a list with over 18 current film festivals and counting, sitting in an open excel file that just haunts me everyday. After spending late nights working on submitting just a couple... Tanya and Heather hang on because we have a long way to go.

This is all new territory for us. We have never had a festival strategy plan with this magnitude before. From figuring out how to use “Without a Box”, to rendering out a decent quality export of our film, to figuring out how to get our film onto an HDcam tape to play at select festivals; I’d say we are in over our heads. I have been reading “Chris Gore’s Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide” only to find out that we have a million other important things to add to our already exhausting “to-do” list.

Facebook can be handy in solving output problems with a simple screen-shot...

It is times like these that I need to sit back and remember who is in charge of this project: God.  Our film is already a miracle in progress, and I doubt He is through with it yet. He has already given us an amazing support team, which includes our film professors Zach Gray and David George.  They have been available on the phone and have replied to exasperated Facebook posts during our desperate need of help in which we thank them immensely for. I would also like to thank everyone else who has been supporting us through this journey. This adventure is far from being over, but through faith we will pull through. Thank God for giving us the endurance of an energizer bunny and the power of heaven to pull this off.


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