Temecula in less than a week!

September 8, 2011

So we're not going to lie...we're a little excited.  This is the first film festival that all three of us (Tanya, Kristine and Heather) are going to be together for, and we're prepared to have a blast.  We were told that on Opening Night, all the musicians/filmmakers are going to be assigned a vintage car to be ridden in for the mini-parade to the Red Carpet.  <<  that alone we're freaking out about.  Then we have screenings and workshops throughout the weekend, and the Black-Tie Awards Gala the last night we're there. Haha, how green would I be if I took my DSLR camera?  We'll already stick out like sore thumbs because we're younger (found that out on Media Day)...we'll just wear it like a boss I guess.

It may not even be that big of a deal, but it's still going to be a lot of fun.  We figured out because of our other festival rejections that deals like these shouldn't be our focus.  So we're prepared to have fun, but the real work is ahead of us.

We're trying to partner with the American Cancer Society and maybe even the Ronald McDonald House so we can raise money to pay for the film (our sad little pool is quickly draining), and then past that, put it towards a cancer patient =D  We want to eventually try distribution and somewhat of a publishing deal where we can put together a book of cancer stories and package it together.  Proceeds of that will go towards that cancer patient, who we have yet to choose.  It's all in the dreaming phase right now, haha.

Since this has never really been done before at our school, it's all VERY new to us, but we're pressing on and trusting that God has already taken this way further than we ever dreamed, so He must have us headed somewhere besides a tin can.

So Temecula will be fun and a blast...but the real fun is still ahead =P



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