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November 1, 2011

While we were there at our little corner for Alumni, we would tell the groups about our project.  To be honest, not a lot of people dropped by, haha, the radio station and nursing corner got a lot more attention. But yet I guess only one person is needed if it's the right one.

One particular gentleman showed some interest and asked us where we wanted to go with the film, etc. He bade farewell and handed over his card, offering to help in any way. He JUST so happened to be the Director of the Clinical Trials Group for the National Cancer Institute! (http://www.cancer.gov/)

I e-mailed him with a private link to the film; maybe he could tell us a little bit more information about that side of things, right? After all, there is a lot of legality involved when you "pair up" with any organization.

I woke up this morning to an e-mail from him. He said he loved it and offered to introduce us to a good friend of his: the chief medical officer and Executive VP of the American Cancer Society!! (http://www.cancer.org/)

It was an amazing contact to make, because we wanted to pair up with a cancer society and had no clue what that entailed, how that worked or how it could even happen; now there's a resource we can explore!  So there might be some cool stuff coming up in the future and we'll keep you posted =)

In other news, we've been wanting to explore the idea of compiling some cancer stories together for a book to go with the DVD. It just so happens that Facing Cancer Together invited us to share the film info on their digital quilt. We sent the organization a private link to view it and they were moved to tears, saying they would help in any way to compile stories for the book. One of our friends who has started getting into the publishing/book world and has written one herself, has even volunteered to help us write it!

Things are coming together...we forget every now and again how much prayer helps, at the very least to help us chill out and not worry so much about things. For a project we didn't even have a month before we shot, He may've given us one that could help save someone's life (we're wanting proceeds to go towards a cancer patient). God is good, eh?


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