L.A. Movie Awards!

January 13, 2012

Got a call last night from Kristine, and we wanted to make sure to call Whit before we posted this up =P

Calls have been made and now we get to share with you!  *big cheesy grin*  Excitement!

We got an e-mail yesterday that went as follows:

We would like to Congratulate you on your wins in the LAMA this season.  We also would like to thank you for participating and submitting such high quality work.  We've attached your winning laurels to this email. Thanks and have a great day.
You can view the full list of winners at:  

Thanks again and we wish you the best with all your future projects.

honorable mention copy
supporting actor

Congrats Whit! So glad we could brighten up your day =P

Stay tuned for some more news in a week or so; we're almost ready for our online release =D


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