"Blue" on TV?? Juuuust maybe ;-)

October 11, 2011

So I got an e-mail a couple days ago from a guy, we'll call him Nick (...is it professional to give out real names for contacts you just made? Darn I wish I knew more about how this stuff worked).  Well, he's a producer in L.A. for a show called "Festival Road Trip," a half-hour original show on the Shorts HD channel that follows filmmakers of short films and their experiences while at film festivals all over the world. In the US, they're on DirectTV, Dish Network and AT&T U-Verse.

They're covering Heartland Film Festival this year and we were honored to find out that the organizers of Heartland referred Nick to our film (no seriously, I was pretty shocked as all get out, not to mention excited).  

So here's the dealio! Basically they were interested in following us with a camera before our screening, at our screening, get responses to our film from the movie-goers, catch us at random festivities we might be at and then sit down for an interview for the "how" it all happened, goals, etc. He was basically just asking if I was interested, and I said that sounded fine (let's act non-chalant about it, right?).

Got a call from him today to solidify the happenings and it sounds like some awesome fun =) He said they'd be following a couple other guys, but that they didn't really have any awesome filmmakers yet (he might've said "female" filmmakers).

I presume, since they're going through the trouble that they'll air us (lol, but you never know, right?), along with clips of the film or even the entire short film.  Yeah we haven't gotten that far yet.

But I promise we'll keep you posted =) Until then, it's at least a possibility we'll be on Festival Road Trip!  And more importantly, "Blue" will get out to more people affected by cancer. 

Yaiiee-uh! Here's to crazy new horizons that continue to freak us out. And excite us =) Peace!


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