Marquee & Meets | Day 3

October 18, 2011

We found it! Our marquee poster up in Showplace Theater =)
Tanya here; today started out awesomely: visiting with the family we're staying with, haha. We're actually staying 2 hours away, near Dayton Ohio (we're poor remember...not to mention it's awesome to see friends).  

Then we booked it to our screening where we met up with Nick from ShortsHD Channel ("Festival RoadTrip"), and got to hang out with him for the better part of the day while he followed us with a camera =P (hence the mic pack I'm wearing in the picture above). Cool guy!

We went into our screening and were introduced by Jeff Sparks (Heartland's Festival President and CEO), and then he actually sat down to watch it with us!  It meant a lot; he gave us a thumbs up at the end =)  He's been so nice; we've gotten a chance to talk to him more times than we ever expected and this guy is so personable! Seriously, no wonder the festival is awesome, lol.

We caught up with Jeff Sparks at a filmmaker's lounge held at Olives in the Omni
 After talking shop 'n schtuff over some delicious California Pizza Kitchen, we sat down in the Canterbury Hotel and interviewed with Nick. It was actually surreal being back in that hotel, because I remember being there 5 years ago when Southern accepted a Crystal Heart Award for "Secret of the Cave."  But yeah I think it went well =P  I realize all too well why I'm usually on the other side of the camera....

After that, we saw the Grand Prize Winner for Narrative Feature: Red Dog.  Amazing flik, Australian, adorable dog....Josh Lucas and Rachael Taylor ...Need I say more?

Nathan Woss (Producer) had already left, but they Skyped him in for a Q&A at the end; fantastic movie, and cute as all get out.  Very well done.

Kristine and I headed back to a Filmmaker's Lounge in the Omni hotel where we got to pick the knowledge from Sally Jo Effenson (Producer of another Josh Lucas film, "A Year in Mooring" to be renamed "Hideaway" upon release) and Dina Rosenmaier (Actress and Documentary filmmaker that made "A Journey in My Mother's Footsteps").  Pretty crazy when you meet people who are used to having people like Luke and Owen Wilson attend their birthday parties, haha. It's

All in all, a great experience.  Drove back and it is now a ripe hour of 4 a.m. so I'd best get going, lol, ta-ta.

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