Gassed | Day 4

Sooo, today didn't really end up the way we expected, but hey, lemonade right?

We headed out for the screening of "The Hammer". (In select theaters Oct. 27)

It's the true story of Matt Hamill, who was the first deaf wrestler to win a collegiate championship.  It's probably our favorite one we've seen so far, it's awesome.  The main character was played by Russell Harvard, who was actually born deaf as well. Kristine saw him at the Award's ceremony =)

After that, we went straight into our 3rd and final screening of "Blue."  We finished up with the Q&A and ran right into Ray Mills, the festival's Artistic Director.  He's been the one we've been getting e-mails from, checking in on flight statuses, etc. This guy really must never sleep; he works so incredibly hard, just like all the other staff we've met. It's amazing.

We chatted with him for quite a bit; he'd remembered "Blue" when they were going through the sifting process. He said about 530 short films had been submitted and they had to go through about 5 rounds of elimination. "Blue" [miraculously] kept getting recommended and then there we were! He offered to give a review/quote and we'll definitely take him up on that, hahaha.  Very nice, respectable gentleman; a pleasure to finally meet!

Us with Ray Mills (Heartland Festival Artistic Director)
It was after that, on our way home that we got our awesome awesome. Yeah we ran out of gas. It'd been raining pretty hard and with truckers kicking up spray, I was so focused on not hydroplaning and staying on the roads that I completely didn't even notice any notice on the dash.


BUT, all is well...Kristine had AAA, and a half-hour later, we were back on the road. Woohoo for Day 4!

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