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 October 17, 2011

Wow Heartland, WOW.  You have blown us away.  From the moment I walked into registration and received my filmmaker “swag bag,” to riding in a limo to the Awards Gala, then participating in events, filmmaker parties, and to top it off with great networking possibilities…I am sold on always submitting my films here.

Every filmmaker gets a crazy-awesome laptop case full of swag...

Heartland is celebrating their 20th year as a festival, and is a huge supporter of films that seek to inspire people. Films are screened at two nearby AMC theatres, and “Blue” will be screened a total of three times. We feel extremely privileged to be here; out of the 500 short films that were submitted to the festival, “Blue” was among the 30 narrative shorts that got accepted.  Altogether, there are 145 films being shown (features, documentaries, and shorts).

The week at a glance...can be quite overwhelming...

I (Kristine) flew in this past Saturday.  After arriving here, I attended the Awards Gala taking place that night. The films being awarded were the Crystal Heart Award Winners.

The Award's Gala

Sunday I got to attend a filmmakers brunch with great networking opportunities, and that afternoon was our first screening. I was actually quite shocked to see how many people came. Sometimes you go to a festival and the only people who show up are your family and friends. This time I was delighted to see the theatre was over half full. I believe a lot of the people were associated with the feature film which “Blue” preceded, but it was good to have an audience.

Overall, the film festival has been great so far. Tanya just flew in today, and we are excited to attend our second screening tomorrow, as well as interview with Festival Road Trip!

P.S. Woot for learning our lesson and printing double sided this time =)

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